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    Fire alarms systems testing

    Nemko provides rapid European market access for products of fire detection and fire alarm systems.

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    Nemko offers type testing, certification and factory inspection services under the Construction Products Regulation in Europe.

    We provide a wide scope of qualification testing services, meaning that you can have your fire alarm products tested for all relevant directives and standards in the same laboratory.

    What is Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 2011/305/EC?

    Products of fire detection and fire alarm systems must be tested and type approved according to the Construction Products Regulation 2011/305/EC in order to be marketed and sold on the European marketplace. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental testing, and additional investigation of function, design and interoperability are typical requirements. Certification and annual factory inspections by Nemko safeguard your production process.

    What kind of equipment does Nemko provide fire and security testing for?

    We test many types of fire alarm products, including controllers and indicators, sounders, power suppliers, manual call points, voice announcement controllers and indicators, isolators and input/output devices.

    How can I get my fire alarm product’s approval to CPR 2011/305/EC?

    In order to get a product approved according to the CPR, it is required that type testing is performed by a notified testing laboratory. The Nemko notification comprises:

    • EN 54-2 (Control and indicating equipment)
    • EN 54-3 (Sounders)
    • EN 54-4 (Power supply equipment)
    • EN 54-11 (Manual call points)
    • EN 54-16 (Voice announcement control and indicating equipment)
    • EN 54-17 (Short-circuit isolators)
    • EN 54-18 (Input/Output devices)


    What are the key directives for fire and security?

    Test your products for all relevant directives and standards in the same laboratory. Nemko has a broad scope of fire and security testing services, including products covered by these directives:

    EMC Directive

    Products of fire detection and fire alarm systems will meet additional EMC requirements in order to prove compliance to the EMC Directive  (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU. Nemko offers complete EMC testing to cover both CPR and EMCD.

    Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

    Control and indicating equipment and power supply equipment are subject to requirements of the LVD. Safety testing for LVD is offered by Nemko, as well as a broad scope of optional certification types for European and international markets.

    Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

    Products of fire detection and fire alarm systems intended to be used on-board ships will also be met by maritime test requirements and type approval schemes. Nemko can provide full maritime testing, including climatic and mechanical testing.

    Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

    Wireless communication technology often used in monitoring equipment triggers additional testing requirements and approvals. Nemko offers complete testing services and certification of radio/wireless communication in fire detection and fire alarm systems.  

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