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    Sustainability and environmental services

    Will your product meet upcoming sustainability requirements? At Nemko, we can provide you with oversight of rules and regulations within sustainability and environmental performance, whether they are imminent or further down the line.

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    Services for sustainability and environmental performance 

    Manufacturers are experiencing the fastest change in regulations and trading requirements ever seen. Governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware  that significant changes in our resource management, including reduction of the consumption of energy, water and natural resources, must happen this decade. Manufacturers that are able to rapidly change and attain a more sustainable production and resource use will be able to survive.  

    For manufacturers, it will be crucial to be informed, learning of changes in rules, regulations, requirements and standards well in advance.  

    As Nemko is a contributing member of many standardization committees, we have the information you need about upcoming changes, up to three years ahead of deadlines. 

    Our experts are working with companies of all sizes, in all regions, providing environmental and sustainability consulting services, so manufacturers can keep abreast of key developments, keeping costs down while they prepare for the upcoming changes while preventing delays in production. 

    Some leading electronics manufacturers now receive regularly scheduled updates from our experts to stay ahead.

    Sustainability self-assessment


    Visit the Product Sustainability Corner to access free 5-minute sustainability self-assessments, such as: 

    • Greenwashing - true or false?
    • Unlocking repair potential
    • Energy efficiency
    • Sustainable supply chain management

    Access self-assessments here

    Working for
    a sustainable future

    Nemko is your partner for sustainability and environmental services.

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