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    Product Testing Service & Certification

    Nemko’s global team pairs years of industry expertise with their state-of-the-art testing facilities throughout America, Europe, and Asia to partner with organizations seeking approvals for their new devices in the market.

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    Testing, inspecting, and certifying products in order to achieve compliance with product safety standards is a crucial part of ensuring consumer safety while using these associated products.

    Product safety testing is driven by government organizations around the world to make certain that a product is not a fire, shock, radiation, or mechanical hazard and does not pose any other safety risks to the user. These approvals are denoted by regulatory marks, which can be a CE mark, NRTL mark, or other worldwide agency or country mark, obtained through the successful evaluation of a product to a recognized standard.

    After all, products that fail to meet these applicable requirements create heightened risk for both the end user and the organization, exposing both parties to elevated levels of risk while using the product. A rigorous testing program performed by an accredited safety testing laboratory can help to mitigate these potential risks.

    Offering unmatched support in the field of testing, inspection, and certification, Nemko can confidently guide your organization through the complex certification and approvals process with ease. See how our dedicated team of experts develops sustainable strategies and offers innovative insights to move your medical device to market in a quick and seamless way.

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