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    Maritime, oil and gas testing

    Nemko has decades of experience within testing in the maritime and oil and gas industries. We offer timely and efficient services, including pre-compliance and testing to support approval of maritime equipment in the following areas.

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    Ensure compliance with international approvals, industrial-driven requirements, and specifications mandated by classification societies for your maritime, oil and gas equipment.

    Testing for maritime and oil and gas industries

    In the maritime and oil and gas industries, the authorities and classification societies have increasingly demanding safety and reliability requirements for equipment and systems. The rules and regulations for use of maritime equipment in international waters can be complex and challenging. Nemko is an accredited test laboratory (EN ISO/IEC 17025 ).

    Our maritime industry knowledge is based on extensive experience over many years in many regions, and we can tailor services to your specific needs. Our detail-oriented engineers are experts in their field, working efficiently to deliver as promised.

    We pride ourselves on being accessible, open and helpful. We offer timely and efficient services, including pre-compliance, testing and international approval of maritime equipment in the following areas:

    • Products covered by the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU (MED) - also called the Wheelmark directive
    • Products covered by IACS and maritime class societies
    • Products covered by the CE mark

    At which stages of product development can Nemko help?

    For the most effective and cost-efficient method of product development, it is crucial to be aware of all applicable requirements and standards to avoid costly delays and unexpected surprises. When you contact Nemko at the beginning of new product development, our team of experts will ensure that you as a manufacturer are up-to-date on the latest requirements.

    Reliability testing for maritime

    Does your equipment work under all conditions? Products that need to withstand certain environmental conditions must be exposed to specific kinds of strain during testing. Our rigorous environmental testing capabilities and state-of-the art facilities for environmental simulation help you ensure that your products meet and surpass expectations and specifications.

    Examples of relevant requirements

    • IEC/EN 60945
    • IACS E10
    • Classification Societies
    • EN 54 Fire detection and alarm systems

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    Our team is ready to help with testing and certification in the maritime industry.

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