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    Field evaluation and special inspections

    Nemko offers Field Evaluation and Special Inspection Services in the US and Canada as a fast and economical alternative to traditional product safety certification.

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    Nemko’s Field Evaluation and Special Inspection Engineers can provide the service you need, right on location.

    Whether your equipment is already shipped or installed at its North American site, is produced in limited quantities or is custom-built - or if a Canadian “batch approval” is required for a limited number of products, or in situations where you must obtain a recognized approval for the product but need it to be done economically and as quickly as possible, Nemko has a solution.

    Within the United States, Inspectors from Nemko’s IAS accredited field evaluation body will arrive at the site of installation to evaluate your equipment, and if it meets safety requirements, the engineer will apply the Nemko Field Evaluation Label to prove it.

    In Canada, Inspectors from Nemko’s SCC accredited Inspection Body will evaluate the equipment at the site of installation or at the manufacturing location, and if it meets safety requirements, will apply a Special Inspection Label as proof.

    In both markets, if our field evaluation or special inspection engineers find that the equipment does not meet the requirements, Nemko will provide you with a detailed findings report and give you the support needed to bring the equipment into compliance.

    Nemko’s service engineers specialize in a number products, including power distribution equipment, solar installations and retrofits, industrial, commercial, and factory controls and utilization equipment, luminaires and signs, ITE, medical, dental, laboratory equipment, and much more.

    In addition to the US and Canada, Nemko Field Services are also available throughout Europe and Asia.

    Nemko offers certification marks covering your product for numerous multinational and national certification schemes.

    To demonstrate that your product has a third-party certification and that it has been tested to a recognized standard, choose the geographical area to learn more.

    Sanitation Field Evaluations

    To ensure product hygiene and overall safety. As an ANAB-accredited certification body, Nemko provides field labeling of uncertified food equipment in restaurants, food-processing plants, and other establishments. We can label your food equipment for sanitation and/or safety.

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    Gas Field Evaluations

    To ensure any residual gases and manufacturing processes are conducted safely and securely.

    Electrical Field Evaluations

    To ensure electrical components and field settings are safe and without risk during production.

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    at every stage of the process

    Choosing Nemko as your market access partner presents a variety of benefits for your organization. Our team of experts will identify the optimal route for product compliance and testing, guiding your organization through the certification process as efficiently as possible.

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