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    August 16, 2021

    Nemko recently accredited by ANAB- Provide Sanitation Field Evaluation

    Nemko is proud to announce that we have recently been accredited by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board). This accreditation enables Nemko to provide Sanitation Field Evaluations of uncertified food equipment in restaurants and food processing facilities.ANAB Symbol RGB 17020 Inspection-White Bkgr

    A Sanitation Field Evaluation is an inspection of unlisted/uncertified equipment done in the field to the corresponding food safety standards (NSF 2, NSF 4, NSF 7 and NSF 8). The scope of the inspection includes a review of the cleanability, materials acceptability for food contact surfaces, proper spacing and clearances, overall product design and condition for use in a food processing application and lastly, collaborating with the local Health Department officials so that all concerns have been addressed.

    Above and beyond the typical electrical safety Field Evaluations that authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) demand, Nemko has seen a growing demand from Municipal Health Departments and Food Hygiene groups to ensure that equipment being used in their municipalities meets the requirements for food safety. Nemko’s evaluation process consists of documentation review, visual and mechanical inspection, and suitability for installation in accordance with nationally recognized sanitation standards including:

    • NSF/ANSI 2, Food Handling Equipment
    • NSF/ANSI 4, Commercial Cooking, Rethermalization, and Powered Hot Food Holding and Transport Equipment
    • NSF/ANSI 7, Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
    • NSF/ANSI 8, Commercial Powered Food Preparation Equipment

    Field evaluation and special inspections

    Nemko’s Field Evaluation Services can be requested by anyone involved with the product, including business owners, manufacturers, and contractors.

    A Nemko Field Evaluation Product Label will be applied immediately if the product complies with the applicable requirements. If the product does not meet the requirements, Nemko will provide you with a detailed finding report.

    Nemko is a flexible and service-oriented provider, with the expertise to support your needs. Driven by a genuine intention to help make the world a safer place. We aim to develop services that can help our clients deploy compliant products that meet local and national requirements.


    Gary Richards

    Gary Richards is the key account manager of Field Evaluation Services for Nemko USA. Gary has over 19 years of experience working in and around the regulatory compliance industry. With a focus on Field Evaluation and Machinery projects, his motivation and passion is working with manufacturers to help them quickly and...

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