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    Testing, certification and market access for the
    automotive industry

    Testing, certification and market access open up new opportunities for manufacturers supplying to the automotive industry.

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    At Nemko we provide testing, certification, inspection, market access and professional expertise for your automotive products, helping ensure that your device meets the requirements before being placed on the market. 

    As a manufacturer, you need to make sure that vehicles and their electrical/electronic subassemblies fulfil the conformity requirements.  

    The automotive sector often requires evaluation of components according to complicated and specific technical specifications developed and owned by the vehicle manufacturers.  

    In addition, most industries, including the automotive industry, are widely adopting wireless technologies for their products. This requires dedicated conformity analysis, laboratory testing and specific approval per country/region.  

    Nemko’s automotive expertise  
    Nemko maintains up-to-date knowledge by participating in the development of new standards for electrical and hybrid vehicles as well as for automotive EMC. Nemko is authorized to perform factory audits to ensure the conformity of production.  

    Nemko has decades of experience with both testing and certifications of products and components to the automotive industry, working with leading automotive suppliers. Our established processes ensure quick turn-around time and delivery. 

    Why choose Nemko?

    Our team is ready to help with testing, certification, inspection and professional expertise for your automotive products.

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