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    June 1, 2023

    Changing US requirements for battery chargers



    In USA, the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) has, together with the
    Department of Energy (
    DOE), recently released a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding energy
    conservation standards for battery chargers.

    The Energy Policy & Conservation Act (EPCA) outlines the energy conservation standards for a variety of consumer products and also for some commercial and industrial equipment. The products covered include battery chargers.

    Periodically, the EPCA requires the DOE to review and determine if more stringent standards are necessary.
    Increase of the requirements shall only occur if it is considered technologically feasible, is economically justifiable and can result in significant energy savings. 

    The proposed new standards will affect the following types of chargers to be marketed in the US:
    -Fixed-location wireless battery chargers
    -Open-placement wireless battery chargers
    -Low-energy, medium-energy, and high-energy battery chargers

    The proposal has been sent out for hearing and then businesses affected were encouraged to submit comments via alternative ways:
       -Using the Federal eRulemaking Portal, under docket number EERE-2020-BT-STD-0013
       -By emailing, under docket number EERE-2020-BT-STD-0013
       -By mailing to Appliance and Equipment Standards Program, U.S. Dept of Energy, Building Technologies Office,
         Mailstop EE-5B, 1000 Independence Ave SW, Washington D.C. 20585-0121
       -By calling +1 202-287-1445

    The hearing may, however, be closed by now. When concluded and the new rules are finalized, importers and
    manufacturers who will market battery chargers in the US, must comply with these requirements within two years after the publication. It will also require registration within the DOE database, or else the products will be prevented from entering the market or may be withdrawn.

    For further information and/or for assistance with testing to the coming new requirements, please contact

    (Article is based on the info provided by Kenny Ho and edited by T.Sollie)

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