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    March 24, 2022

    Nemko and Datek Next joins forces to increase cyber security of IoT.

    Per Ove og Per Berg_håndtryk_marts 2022

    Datek Next, a Norwegian consultancy service provider within secure product and system development and Nemko have entered into a collaboration with the purpose of increasing cyber security of Internet of Things (IoT).

    Nemko and Datek Next have, for a long time, observed cyber security challenges, including compliance issues arising from a general lack of awareness and focus from both manufacturers and users. The purpose of the strategic collaboration between Nemko and Datek Next is therefore to increase awareness, and thereby also security, through knowledge sharing with consumers and manufacturers and through the complimentary provision of each company’s independent services.

    Our customers will benefit from this collaboration because together we can offer them a total package: everything from the design phase to a ready-made product certified with international approvals.,” said Per Ove Øyberg, Nemko Group President and CEO.

    Complimentary but independent services
    The services that Nemko and Datek Next will provide through their collaboration will be complementary but independent services.

    Nemko works primarily as an independent third-party, providing services within product assessments and certifications against standards and regulatory requirements nationally and internationally. Nemko does not provide consultancy services on solutions so whenever a customer faces an incompliance with their products, Nemko as a third party cannot provide the technical solutions.

    Datek Next deliver customized support to customers on their electronics and software development to ensure the products meet the requirements and standards for cyber security. Datek was the first in Norway to obtain a cyber security certification for their product, Eva Hub.

    Per Berg, Managing Director of Datek Next, says: “We have a long experience in developing products within hardware and software and we use this experience to help our customers develop products, according to this new standard within in cybersecurity.’’

    About Datek Next
    Datek Next offers customized development of electronics and software. When a special solution needs to work in, for example, the defense industry, the health service or an IoT company, they contribute with expertise in electronics and software development. Their specialist environment consists of the best minds in the fields of software development, electronics development, data security and information security.

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    About Nemko
    Nemko is a global testing, inspection and certification company headquartered in Oslo in Norway with offices across Europe, North America and Asia. Since 1933, they have helped make the world a safer place by providing third-party compliance services and global market access solutions that safeguards products, environment, people and systems. Through the delivery of services within pre-compliance, product testing, product certification, international approval, cyber assurance, field evaluation, management system certification and functional safety, a global team of 650 people helps our customers comply with product and systems requirements anywhere in the world.

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    Join our seminar on 28 April 2022 in Oslo (in Norwegian language)
    As part of our collaboration, Nemko and Datek Next is doing a seminar (virtual attendance possible) on IoT and cyber security. Join us for a morning of presentations and discussions on the future requirements for Internet of Things devices and how your products can comply with them. 



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