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    November 1, 2022

    New manager for driving digital transformation



    Mr. Shahram Maralani has joined the Nemko Group as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Digitalization is considered to play an important role in Nemko’s growth strategy. Several steps have already been taken to digitally transform the company by defining a digital roadmap and by creating a fully digitalized process from leads to delivery.

    As CDO, Shahram will be responsible for implementing a digital roadmap, and for setting the overall digital strategy for Nemko in close collaboration with central managers. He comes with nearly 20 years of experience from the TIC industry and since 2003 worked for DNV in various top management positions, latest as Global Director of Technology & Quality.

    Shahram will work primarily from his home office in the Netherlands, where he lives, but he will be at the Nemko Headquarter in Oslo on a regular basis as a part of the corporate management​​​​​​​.

    “Our digitalization roadmap shall give us the direction and a vision for digital offerings and experiences we may want to create for our customers and ourselves” says Nemko’s CEO Per Ove Øyberg, “These digital solutions should enable enhanced customer experience, greater employee experience, efficiency and effectiveness in our processes, and create additional revenue streams for the company.

    One of the core components for enabling enriched experiences for our customers and ourselves or to build digitally enabled offerings, is to develop a strong data warehouse”.

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    (Article is based on internal announcement edited by T.Sollie)

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