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    January 1, 2024

    News from Korea


    - Agreement concerning Korean national certification
    Korean national certificationThe Korea Testing Certification institute (KTC) and Nemko Korea has signed an agreement about Korean KC-mark certification by KTC of electrical and electronic products based on Nemko test results and factory inspection. It is based on relevant Korean legislation, primarily the Electrical Appliances and Household Products Safety 
    Management Act. 
    The scope of products included is according to Nemko’s accreditation by KOLAS as an approved agency for testing and also for factory inspection of kc-certification products.

    This agreement allows Nemko Korea to provide one-stop service for products that fall under the KC safety certification product scope, including AD/DC adapters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines/spin extractors, air-conditioners, heating appliances, refrigerating appliances, electric chargers, storage water heaters, electric dryers, electric fans/range hoods and humidifiers.

    - Established Management System Certification service  
    nemko korea officeAfter the necessary organization, preparations, and qualification of auditors, Nemko Korea has started offering management system certification to the Korean industry and has now issued its first certificate. It is based on Nemko’s current accreditation in Norway as a body for management systems certification within various industries.
    For finalizing the qualification, the first audit was observed by as Lead Nemko Auditor, which resulted in issuing to the customer a certificate covering the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

    For further information, please contact

    (The article is based on the information provided by Sam Geun Gwack and edited by T. Sollie)

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