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    September 1, 2022

    Tightened energy efficiency program for monitors in South Korea


    KC CertificationEarlier this year, the South Korean Energy authority KEA (Korea Energy Agency) announced that monitors will be transferred from the e-Standby Program to MEPS (Mandatory Energy Label & Standard Program) scope from 1 May 2023 

    For monitors that already are reported/registered in the e-Standby database, KEA plans to conduct automatic transfer without re-test and without the need for additional declaration to KEA.

    Originally, KEA was also planning to transfer computers to the MEPS program but has put this on hold until the related efficiency standards are ready. They have apparently planned for a revision of the regulation for Energy Efficiency Verification (EEV) for computers in the second half of this year.


    There are currently 3 major EEV programs in S. Korea:


    1) Energy Efficiency Label and Standard program
       -Mandatory Reporting

       -Mandatory indication of energy efficiency label

       -MEPS, which prohibits production and sales of products that fall below the specified standard


    2) High-Efficiency Appliance Certification Program
       -Voluntary participation
       -High efficiency equipment label


    3) e-Standby program
       -Mandatory reporting
       -Mandatory standby warning label
       -Voluntary indication of the Energy Label


     For monitors, the shift to MEPS requirements from 1 May next year, entails, amongst other, the following changes: 

    • Test method with reference to the US Energy Star program and the international standard IEC 62087-2.
    • The label should appear on the front or rear on the product, (ref. illustration of label above).


    The official announcement (in Korean) by KEA may be seen here.


    For further information, please contact


    (Article is based on text provided by Vanessa Wen and Kenny Ho , edited by T.Sollie)

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