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    Employee Spotlight

    Meet Morten Rosenlund

    Morten-Rosenlund-Round-HeadshotMorten Rosenlund

    Project Engineer

    Define your role within Nemko.
    I am a technical manager and project engineer. I do the safety testing for electrical medical equipment here at Nemko Scandinavia. As a technical manager, I also keep an overview of the test scope and ensure we have the necessary equipment and support with training for others and the teams.

    How did you choose this career path?
    I started first by studying electrical engineering and then got a job at GE Healthcare in Norway. But I found out that I wanted to move to Oslo, and I found a job at a time when it felt like every engineer in Norway was looking for a job. Then I got a job at, Nemko, so I started as a project engineer and tested household equipment. Later I moved on to testing medical equipment. When I was in school, they had a bring your child to work day. My father is an engineer, and I remember joining him at his work, the same place I started. I got to see how it works, which intrigued me, so I had an idea about what I wanted to do. Of course, I didn't plan that, but it made sense anyway, working with testing or product development.

    What do you enjoy most about your job at Nemko?
    I love new technology, and, in this job, we often see a lot of the latest in the tech industry, which is interesting to see the development over the years. I also love that we have a good combination of testing in the lab and some work with just an ordinary office desktop. So, it's good to have variation instead of only one thing. I also need to mention the great environment and culture at Nemko. It's always a pleasure to work with my team.

    Are there any challenges that you’ve faced during your career that have taught you important lessons?
    Yeah, I had to learn that I'm not stupid for asking questions. I kind of went in with the mindset that I was hired to do this job, so I need to know what I'm working with. In this job, we have a lot of variations and different types of products. We always see something new, so when I finish up a project, I believe that I know everything and I'm good at this, but when I get a new project and suddenly, I don't know everything all over again. I learned that I'm not the only one feeling this, and it's normal and good to ask questions if you don't understand instead of acting as if you know it.

    What do you think the industry will look like in 20 years?
    It's exciting and hard to say, but I guess everybody's saying the same, that everything will be connected somehow to the internet. From a medical and healthcare point of view, I think we're going to see a lot more products that we saw in the hospital will be moved home to keep us alive more and be more easily accessible. But regarding the safety testing I do, in 20 years, we may do more simulation testing on a computer instead of actually doing the testing. Maybe we will be a bunch of guys working with the VR glasses.

    What do you find most rewarding about your role?
    I love what I'm working with, especially since I'm working with medical products. It's nice to make sure that the medical product or the product that we help get to the market is safe, and it feels extra nice that I know this is helping people in need. So that feels good.

    What are some market trends you’re keeping an eye on?
    We previously saw many products in the hospital that are now moving into homes, and I find that interesting. But then also see how the products are changing, so that not only the professionals can use it, but people of all ages can use it because with this we're going to learn of new technology and how to use it. As we move things to the home and connect more to the internet, we need to be a little more concerned about cybersecurity.

    When not working, how do you spend your spare time?
    Well, my personal calendar is often fully booked. I like playing video games, I like going to the movies or watching movies and TV series at home, and I try to play squash every week. The most important things for me are the time and spending it with my wife and friends. Especially now when we are moving to the summer, hanging out and having a nice time in the parks. So, it's busy, but I guess that's normal for a 30-year-old person to do. That's also something I love about the work at Nemko. I feel like I have a good balance; I have my hours at work, and I know I have spare time after work.