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    Live webinar: Cost-efficient cyber security for SMEs

    How vulnerability scanning can increase security

    📅 Date: Tuesday, 5 December
    🕙 Time: 10:00-10:30 AM CET

    Today, we are all exposed to cyber threats. Companies, regardless of size and industry, are particularly exposed. And whilst threats seem unlimited, our resources are not. The only 100% secure solution seems to be not to not be connected at all. 

    However, the solutions that give the most significant increase in security may not necessarily be the most expensive ones. Although experience has demonstrated that nobody is entirely secure, identifying what is connected to your network is paramount. 

    A recent example is the local IT supplier that forgot that the old email server was left running for almost four years after the company had upgraded, creating a perfect entryway further into the company network. An external security company finally discovered this. Regular scans, however, would have closed this vulnerability years earlier.

    We must remember that while we, as organizations, must secure all entry points at all times, attackers only need to find a single opening once. 

    Webinar focus

    In this webinar, we will discuss the real cyber threats targeting your business, including the new threats from a growing number of IoTs. 

    We will also look at cost-effective defensive strategies and cover the benefits of vulnerability scans and how they can help secure your digital environment. 

    We will also cover penetration testing, and finally, our chief penetration tester will take us through a demonstration of a simulated hacking of a Windows PC.

    • Real threats against SMEs
      Various threats, including examples
    • IoT
      Challenges presented by introducing IoT into the network
    • A cost-efficient defence
      Vulnerability scans, security reviews, hardening
    • Penetration testing
      Necessary? Not always! What is it, and when should you perform one?
    • Demonstration of live hacking of a computer

    Join us to gain practical knowledge and improve your digital security.


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    Webinar host


    Øyvind Storhaug - Senior Penetration Tester
    Øyvind Storhaug is a senior penetration tester at Nemko and has an IT University background and long experience in finding and mitigating vulnerabilities in systems and applications. From his wide experience, Øyvind is one of the top key resources for cyber security in the Nemko group.




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