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    An update on cyber security, in Europe and beyond

    On-demand webinar

    Cyber security becomes a part of CE marking. The UK is introducing their own IoT cyber scheme next spring. In the US, there are now requirements for federal organisations, and a cyber security labelling scheme is being introduced.

    Watch our webinar to learn more about:

    • EU updates
      RED standards, need for Notified Body?  Security by Design. Cyber Security Act vs. Cyber Resilience Act. And - what to do in the meantime?

    • National updates
      E.g., How to address the UK requirements. Is Brazil copying the Singapore requirements.

    • US update
      What is this Federal scheme and the FCC consumer labelling scheme?
      Medical – what about the new FDA guidance?

    • Other updates
      The continued growth of the ETSI IoT cyber security standard.
      Plus any questions you may have!

    • What to do?
      A practical approach for compliance and Nemko online self-assessment

    • Q&A
      Are my products in the scope? Do I need a Notified Body? What if I have the same solution in all my products? We will meet up with a team to answer your questions (and please feel free to ask up front to be sure your questions are answered!) 


    Still today, there is a misconception in the market that companies can sit on the fence until mandatory requirements have been implemented. That would be like not bothering with driving lessons until the day you need the license to drive the car. 

    An implementation date means that all products need documentation for compliance by that date to be sold - even if the same products already are on the market. 

    But how and when should the manufacturers start?

    We think a good first step is to watch this webinar. You will gain a better understanding of the most relevant cyber security standards and the road map you can follow to ensure you will have the documentation in place before the implementation date. We will look at some recent updates in the cyber security world and how you can use our free online self-assessment tool to understand the level of readiness your company have to deal with cyber security issues!



    Webinar host

    Geir Horthe

    Geir Horthe - Head of Nemko cyber security department
    Geir Hørthe is responsible for the Nemko cyber security initiative. He has worked at Nemko for more than 30 years in the capacity of test services, lab manager of safety, ATEX and medical departments. He has also been Managing Director at the Nemko office in London for two years. After he returned to Norway, he held for many years the position of Certification Manager at Nemko HQ with responsibilities for electrical product certifications for national and international certification.




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