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    The EU AI Act: What to expect

    Live webinar

    Join us as we delve into the world of digital trust and AI assurance with an in-depth discussion on the recently adopted EU AI Act.

    Expected to be published soon, this landmark legislation marks the beginning of a new era in AI governance, and there's much to explore. The Act introduces new rules for unacceptable risk, high risk, low risk, and general-purpose AI systems, making it crucial to understand their implications, how they impact your organization, and the timeline for their implementation.

    Why should a Nemko customer care about the AI Act? How does the Act interact with existing legislation? What regulatory developments do we expect moving forward? We will address these questions and more in our upcoming webinar.

    Date: Monday, June 24th
    Time: 15:00 CET

    We will share with you the webinar link with the reminder a few days before it takes place.

    Since 1933, Nemko has been at the forefront of ensuring compliance with global standards and regulations, fostering trust in products and processes, and guiding companies through new legislative landscapes. The EU AI Act is no exception.

    Join us to build your confidence in managing these new regulations and navigating the complexities of artificial intelligence.

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    Webinar hosts

    Monica Penalver

    Mónica Fernández Peñalver - Head of AI Assurance
    Mónica Fernández has actively been involved in projects that advocate for and advance responsible AI through research, education, and policy. Recently, she dedicated herself to exploring the ethical, legal, and social challenges of AI Fairness for the detection and mitigation of bias. She holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Radboud University and a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh.


    Guru Sethupathy

    Guru Sethupathy, PhD
    Guru Sethupathy has dedicated nearly two decades to understanding the impact of powerful technologies, such as AI, on business value, risks, and the workforce. He has written research papers on bias in algorithmic systems and the implications of AI technology on jobs. At McKinsey, he advised Fortune 100 leaders on harnessing the power of analytics and AI, while managing risks. As a senior executive at Capital One, he built the People Analytics, Technology, and Strategy function, leading both AI innovations as well as AI risk management in HR.




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