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    Certification for cyber security - IoT products

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    Thinking of certifying your IoT products for cyber security? Download this e-book for top three reasons to consider.

    IoT (Internet of Things) products have been around for some time already, but until recently, there hasn’t been a suitable standard available that covers cyber security. The ETSI/EN 303 645 standard has only recently been introduced in Europe, and although the standard has been adopted by several countries, the overall awareness and application of it is still low.

    Unfortunately, we are therefore still seeing poor security of IoTs. Some IoT products copy security mistakes done by the IT industry 10 years ago. There has also been a strong increase in the number of IoT attacks. These involve either taking control of the IoT product (for example, as part of a botnet) or using it as an entrance to the rest of the network.


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