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    New TCB Service - Korea certifications and registrations

    On-Demand Webinar

    The National Radio Research Agency of Korea (RRA) has designated Nemko North America, Inc. as the only certification body able to issue certificates for Korea registrations and certifications.

    If you are a manufacturer or supplier of electronic or radio equipment for the Korean marketplace, this webinar will provide helpful insights into the rules, processes, and requirements involved in the Korean certification service.

    Overview of Topics Covered:
    •     Laws and Rules
    •     Certification and Registration Process
    •     Scope and Limitations
    •     Regulatory Requirements and Resources
    •     Acceptable Sources of Test Reports
    •     Test Sample and Software Requirements
    •     Certification Requirements
    •     Types of Certifications
    •     Changes to Products
    •     Modular Approvals and Host Integrations
    •     Exhibit Requirements (including Product Marking)

    Webinar presenter

    Vina Kerai
    Vina KeraiVina Kerai oversees Nemko's Telecommunications Certification Body programs. Vina has a proven track record of managing certification programs and is skilled at working with wireless technologies. Vina brings over 20 years of experience in R&D/engineering, compliance testing, advisory, and certification management.

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