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    Brazilian ANATEL certification

    Thanks to its network, Nemko is able to manage the entire certification process to obtain ANATEL Brazilian Radio approval, from testing to the last certification and market access step.

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    ANATEL’s origination and importance

    ANATEL was created in 1997 and is primarily responsible for approving products used in telecommunications to meet quality and safety standards and regulated technical functionality. Nearly any product that transmits radio frequency or is connected to the public telephone network and phones using lithium batteries must be approved by this agency. This certification and approval process guarantees the consumer that their continued use of these products meets all relevant quality and safety regulations. 

    ANATEL’s product certification follows the Regulation on Certification and Approval, which was approved by Resolution No. 242/2000, which states that the issuance of the homologation document is a mandatory prerequisite for the commercialization and use of telecommunication products throughout Brazil. This means that the consumer can only use products that ANATEL has successfully approved. 

    Approval process for new certifications

    ANATEL’s standard and regulated procedure require this specific certificate for telecommunications products to be issued by a Designated Certification Body (OCD) that has been created by the regulatory agency itself. 

    This Designated Certification Body partners with your organization to conduct the entire ANATEL certification process, also known as the Telecommunications Product Conformity Assessment, and is able to issue the Certificate of Conformity at the end of the process. This certification is required in order to bring the product to market. 

    How Nemko Can Help

    Certifying products in ANATEL is often a complex and technical process that requires in-depth knowledge and external resources. Nemko can help to certify your products for the Brazilian market at a Brazilian testing laboratory.

    Nemko is able to manage the entire certification process from testing to certification, all thanks to our extensive network.  

    Global Partner

    No matter if you are located in Europe, Asia, North America, or anywhere else in the world, Nemko’s international testing and certification facilities are here to help.

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