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    China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

    Get this compulsory safety mark for your products to enter the Chinese market.

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    About the CCC certification mark

    China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is a mandatory scheme implemented since 2002. Products within the CCC scope must get CCC certification before imported or placed into the China market. Both electrical and non electrical products are covered. The list has been updated several times since its first implementation. So far, there are about 150 products in 20 categories covered in the CCC scope. 

    CCC certification required both safety and EMC testing. The testing can only be done by designated lab in China and certification must be issued by CNCA designated certification body.

    The value of CCC certification

    In order to import or sell products in China, companies need to demonstrate that they have obtained the CCC Mark. This applies to goods that are manufactured in China as well. Failure to comply with CCC regulations will lead to imported goods being detained at the border or returned to the sender. Likewise, improper use of CCC licenses or printing a CCC-mark on products without certification will also result in fines and penalties.

    How can Nemko Help you!

    For CCC certification, although CB is normally accepted for safety , but normally it is still necessary to send sample for identity check and also for EMC testing. In China, the CCC testing lab and the certification body are different organizations. Therefore, the procedure is more complicated than other national approval.  Nemko has an expert team located in China to help you go through the complicated CCC testing and certification process. Nemko has build up long relationship with the labs and certification bodies, we can help you get the CCC certification in due time. We can also help coordinate with the CCC annual follow up audits, annual license fee payment and certificate renews when necessaries.

    global partner

    No matter if you are located in Europe, Asia, North America, or anywhere else in the world, Nemko’s international testing and certification facilities are here to help.

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