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    NS certification of non-electrical products

    Nemko performs certification for non-electrical products. The certified products are entitled to carry the NS-mark showing conformity with relevant Norwegian Standards, which are harmonized with European Norms when available.

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    Products covered under NS Certification, typically include:

    • Building materials
    • Plastic Piping
    • Fire resistant products

    NS certificationA common Nordic marking procedure, INSTA-CERT has also been set up for some product groups, mainly plastics piping systems, in collaboration with:

    • SP Certifiering in Sweden
    • DS Certificering in Denmark
    • Inspecta Certification in Finland
    This procedure contributes to reducing the need for repeated testing, inspection and certification in the other Nordic countries.


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    No matter if you are located in Europe, Asia, North America, or anywhere else in the world, Nemko’s international testing and certification facilities are here to help.

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