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    Radio and wireless product testing

    In the age of the ever-evolving Internet of Things, connected devices must be carefully tested to ensure total safety and security of these products before they go to market.

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    Nemko continues to help manufacturers across the globe with wireless product testing, certification, and approval processes, ensuring only the very best products are given the green light to go to market.

    Whether you’re looking for pre-compliance or product testing, product and system certifications, international approvals, or regulatory access to new markets, Nemko is here to help you from start to finish.

    Learn more about our individual services:

    Pre-compliance Testing: By involving Nemko early in the development process, you can save your company valuable time and money. Nemko’s team of experts can help you to understand any relevant national and international requirements as well as the interpretation of these standards, will review your existing documentation and product design, and offer pre-testing support to ensure a smooth verification process.

    Product Testing: Nemko’s own laboratories and global partner network support all testing requirements for electro-technical products. Our people, laboratory facilities and accreditations provide a complete range of world class testing services. And, third-party testing implies conformity assessment carried out by a body that is independent of both supplier and customer organizations, offering an unbiased solution.

    Product and System Certifications: Nemko offers a variety of certifications to demonstrate that an internationally recognized third-party has verified that your product is in conformity with relevant standards. As a member of numerous multi-national and national certification schemes, Nemko possesses more than 20 years’ experience in the area of management system certification.

    International Approvals: Nemko has a unique combination of local presence, international networks and bi-lateral agreements, which can ensure that your product obtains regulatory access to required markets fast and efficiently. With expert knowledge about rules and regulations in over 150 countries, our team will make sure that your organization has all the necessary documentation for each and every market.

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    Key info guide: Take a sneak-peek into your future markets

    The process of obtaining the necessary approvals to deliver wireless products to the world market is complex.

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    partnering with Nemko

    Nemko offers a single-source solution for product certification and testing services, available for your organization no matter where you are in the world. Leverage our recognized cybersecurity expertise and active involvement in the ever-changing world of standards to ensure your products are secure and up to date with standards at all times.

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