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    Reliability testing and Environmental testing

    Determine if your product can withstand exposure to its intended environment through a wide range of environmental and reliability tests performed by experts at the accredited Nemko laboratory for mechanical stress and climatic conditions. Our expertise in reliability testing is based on decades of experience.

    Ensure your product lasts in the market by revealing potential weakness early. 

    Accredited reliability testing laboratory

    • Vibration testing
    • Mechanical shock testing
    • Temperature testing
    • Humidity testing
    • Low pressure combined with temperature
    • Full IP-testing up to IP68
    • Salt mist and corrosion
    • Drop and free fall
    • Impact testing
    • Acoustic noise and alarm level testing
    • Compass safe testing

    I need a full range of testing for my product. Can Nemko help?
    The Nemko reliability laboratory works closely with our EMC Testing  (electromagnetic compatibility) and safety laboratories, providing you with one-stop-shopping for full range testing of your product.

    What types of products and product segments does Nemko have expertise in?
    Our engineers are experienced in reliability testing for most product segments:
    • Maritime testing – including tests for classification societies
    • Offshore
    • Subsea
    • Fire & security
    • Medical
    • Automotive
    • Railway
    • IT products
    • Aviation and aerospace
    • Electric cabinets

    Learn more about the various type of reliability testing we offer


    Jotron increases safety with Nemko certified products

    At Nemko, we perform reliabilitysafety, EMC and radio testing to ensure that Jotron products work as designed in their intended environment. A series of tests are performed in a specific order, depending on the standard.

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    Our fully accredited reliability testing is performed using the latest technology for climatic, vibration, shock and stress testing.

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