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    EMC compliance is typically performed at the system, or product level.

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    This practice is changing with EMC requirements and procedures for Integrated Circuits (IC). The IC being evaluated is mounted on an IC test printed circuit board (PCB) that is clamped to a mating port at the top of a TEM or wideband TEM (GTEM) cell. The test board is not in the test cell as in traditional testing but becomes a part of the cell wall. Test methodologies and procedures are emerging as the industry gains experience with these types of evaluations.

    The standards that Nemko Austin now performs IC evaluations to are:

    • SAE J1752
    • IEC 61967
    • IEC 62132
    The typical emissions tests cover the frequency range of 150 kHz to 1 GHz, with immunity testing covering both radiated and conducted immunity.

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