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    Stress Screening (ESS)

    ESS refers to exposing a newly manufactured product to stresses, such as thermal cycling and vibration, to force product defects or production flaws during the screening process.

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    ESS testing aims to reveal any hidden defects by applying accelerated environment stresses. Conducting ESS tests on new products enables the manufacturer to correct any flaws that would otherwise have affected reliability. At Nemko, we can develop the right ESS program for you and perform the testing in a timely fashion to prevent delays in the shipment of your product. 

    Planning should begin early to ensure a successful testing process because testing conducted early in the process has more cost-saving potential. Conducting ESS testing can reduce costs and improve profits. ESS is regarded as a cost-effective quality control process and produces a high return on investment. It decreases costs during development and production by helping to catch defects earlier. It enables the discovery of faults and their correction during the prototyping phases rather than later. This speeds design cycle time and correction action. ESS testing also helps ensure a design will pass design specification qualification tests and makes the design more durable overall.

    At Nemko San Diego/ Austin, we provide a variety of ESS testing services, including:

    • Humidity testing (up to 95% RH)
    • High temperature testing (170°C Plus)
    • Low temperature conditioning (-70°C)
    • UV exposure (G154, G155)
    • Salt fog testing (ASTM B117)
    • Ingress Protection testing (IPx1 through IP67)
    • Solar Radiation (MIL 810H)
    • Thermal Shock testing (-73°C to 177°C)
    • HALT / HASS (-100°C to +200°C / Up to 55grms depending on mass)
    • Altitude
    • Vibration & Shock Package (Lansmont 1800 Hydraulic Shaker, 3-300Hz, 10K Ibf / Lansmont PDT-56 Package Drop Tester / Lansmont 65/81, 600g, High Impact Shock Machine)

    Nemko offers solutions that help manufacturers meet or exceed their design goals. Through accelerated testing processes, such as HALT, and product screening with HASS, electrical and mechanical weaknesses that cause liabilities later are discovered in the design phase or manufacturing phase prior to product release. 


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