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    Radio Module Integration – EU and UK

    On-demand webinar

    In this second webinar of the series on modular integration with NeuronicWorks, Inc., we will cover the radio module integration process and compliance rules, covering the key things you need to know for seamlessly integrating wireless radio modules in compliance with the European Directives and UK Regulations.

    The addition of radio modules within products enables products to incorporate features and functions necessary to meet the demands of a growing market increasingly reliant on wireless-enabled devices. 
    Launching wireless products can be challenging, given the ever-increasing RF complexity.

    Understanding the requirements and regulations for the target country is essential as the rules vary by country and are frequently changing, which can make the process a moving target. Understanding the Radio, EMC, and RF Exposure principles, as well as a working knowledge of relevant regulations, is necessary for product manufacturers.

    This webinar will provide an up-to-date understanding of the current EU and UK radio module integration requirements, including critical information from ETSI standards that covers the requirements for single and multiple radio module integrations.

    Participants will learn:

    • Common module scenarios and responsibilities of module manufacturers
    • ETSI EG 203 367 guide - addressing multi-radio, combined radio equipment
    • Conformity assessment of the Radio Module to the RED
      • Best practices to follow for modular transmitter integration and critical terms
      • Assessment/Testing guidance for host product integrating approved radio modules – Safety, EMC, Radio, RF Exposure/SAR, simultaneous transmission
      • Pre-approved module test data re-use to obtain New Certification
      • Labelling and User manual integration instructions and guidance
    • EMC/EMI design requirements for SRD communications and cellular equipment

    Webinar presenters

    Vina Kerai
    Vina Kerai Round Headshot v2Vina Kerai oversees Nemko's Telecommunications Certification Body programs. Vina has a proven track record of managing certification programs and is skilled at working with wireless technologies. Vina brings over 20 years of experience in R&D/engineering, compliance testing, advisory, and certification management.


    Robert Legault 

    robert-legaultRobert Legault is a Senior Systems Compliance Engineer at NeuronicWorks Inc., with over 35 years of experience in hardware, system engineering, and regulatory compliance, with a specialization in information technology and audio/video products. He started his career as a hardware design engineer and has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in regulatory compliance over the years.

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