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    Import Control System 2 (ICS2):
    Important changes to shipping

    The European Union (EU) is strengthening safety and security at customs for its citizens and we will need to provide additional information about your inbound shipments to the authorities. Due to this, we are asking you to ensure these details are provided for each shipment.

    1st March 2023

    All goods being shipped into or transiting through the EU* or Northern Ireland, Norway and Switzerland by air will need to have:

    • A minimum six-digit Harmonised System (HS) code for each item in the shipment
    • Accurate goods description for each item in the shipment
    • The receiver's organization number

    These rules apply to all goods (except documents), regardless of value.

    1st March 2024

    These requirements will be extended to shipments via:

    • Road
    • Rail
    • Maritime


    Visit this FedEx web page  to learn more!