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    IoT and Cybersecurity

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    We are all surrounded by connected products both at work and in our homes – where even the vacuum cleaner, doorbell and fridge are IoTs connected to the internet. After years of poor cyber security of such products, and increasing number of countries are implementing requirements and standards are being developed. In Europe cyber security is to become a part of the CE marking for such products. Join this session to learn more about:

    • Trends in cyber security requirements for IoT products

    • Mandatory CE marking for cyber security in Europe

    • Simple and practical approach for IoT manufacturers


    About the Presenter 

    Geir Horthe

    GeirGeir Hørthe is responsible for the Nemko cyber security initiative. He has worked at Nemko for more than 30 years, in the capacity of test services, lab manager of safety, ATEX and medical departments. He has also been Managing Director at the Nemko office in London for two years. After he returned to Norway, he held for many years the position as Certification Manager at Nemko HQ with responsibilities for electrical product certifications, for national and international certification.


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