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    Why & How to Adopt a Secure Development Lifecycle

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    Embedded Security Expert Christopher Gates will take us through the activities, artifact, and management of cybersecurity during a medical device development lifecycle.

    Cybersecurity starts the first day of development and doesn’t end until the device reaches its end of support, many years later.

    Christopher will detail how to implement these activities in the least invasive manner possible, resulting in a secure medical device, faster regulatory approval, and improved future maintenance cycles.


    About the Presenter 

    Christopher Gates

    Christopher GatesChristopher Gates is the Director of Product Security at Velentium. He has over 30 years of experience developing and securing medical devices and works with numerous industry-leading device manufacturers. He frequently collaborates with regulatory and standard bodies including the CISA, MITRE, Bluetooth SIG, H-ISAC, Health Sector Coordinating Council, and the FDA to present, define, and codify tools, techniques, and processes that enable the creation of secure medical devices. Gates promotes the “secure development lifecycle,” the industry-leading approach that ultimately eases the burden on developers and ensures high-quality products that work as intended to save and improve lives.


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