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    EU Energy related Products directive (ErP)

    The most powerful way to combat climate change is to reduce energy consumption. The EU’s target of 20 per cent energy saving for products by 2020 was not only met, but exceeded. This gave legislators and governments in Europe evidence that environmental restrictions on products work.

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    Nemko has tested for the ErP regulations since 2009 and we are documenting the environmental criteria for a large part of our customer base. The ErP directive is part of CE-marking in Europe for the products covered.

    Nemko can help you with following ErP services:

    • Testing for the related product
    • Conformity assessment with the directive
    • Consulting for legislation
    • Eco-design verification

    Products and features covered by ErP as of 2021:

    Some of these categories are so-called horizontal requirements, meaning the requirements in the regulation cover many product categories, e.g. the regulation for standby, which covers most products for household and office use.

    This directive is the only one that covers the total life cycle, referred to as ‘from cradle to grave’. The various product regulations include requirements for several or all of the following product stages:

    • Raw materials
    • Limitation of hazardous substances
    • Manufacturing/design stage
    • Energy/noise and other criteria in use or maintenance
    • Spare parts and repair
    • Reuse/recycling/end-of-life treatment

    Older regulations cover only some of the life stages while new or updated regulations will cover all. Higher material efficiency requirements will be implemented.

    The workplan for new regulations typically comes out every five years. The workplan through 2024 is now in progress.

    Contact Nemko to find out what this means for your product.

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