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    AI Assurance: Nemko Providing Trust in a Digital World

    Live webinar

    In today's digital era, trust is paramount, and as we navigate the complexities of artificial intelligence, ensuring AI trust becomes equally crucial. Since 1933, Nemko has stood at the forefront of ensuring conformity with standards and regulations globally, fostering trust in physical products and processes. As we celebrate ninety years of excellence, we're expanding our horizon into the realms of digital trust and AI Assurance.
    Join us in this webinar as we introduce how Nemko can help you with AI Assurance, a vital field ensuring that artificial intelligence systems are trustworthy, fair, and safe. We will explore solutions available to create AI systems that are not only ethically and safely designed but also compliant with the most recent regulatory developments, introducing the EU AI Act and ISO42001, among others.
    We'll discuss how our comprehensive range of services aligns with global regulations, aiming to assist organizations in developing AI systems that are not only compliant but also ethical and safe for everyone. 

    Webinar details

    Date: Tuesday, 9 April
    Time: 14:00 - 16:00 CET



    Webinar hosts


    Dr. Shahram G Maralani - SVP Chief Digital Officer
    Shahram G. Maralani has more than two decades of senior leadership experience internationally, the last twenty years of which holding various executive roles in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry (DNV). He has a PhD in Management, an MBA and a BSc in Engineering, and has been through Executive and Digital Transformation education with INSEAD and UC Berkeley.


    Monica Penalver

    Mónica Fernández Peñalver - Head of AI Assurance
    Mónica Fernández has actively been involved in projects that advocate for and advance responsible AI through research, education, and policy. Recently, she dedicated herself to exploring the ethical, legal, and social challenges of AI Fairness for the detection and mitigation of bias. She holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Radboud University and a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh.


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