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    Mandatory cybersecurity requirements in the UK

    On-demand webinar

    Mandatory cybersecurity requirements in the UK

    On 29 April this year, the UK is implementing mandatory cyber security requirements for several connected products, like IoT products. These requirements are specified in the PSTI Act (Product Safety and Telecommunication Infrastructure Act), and during the webinar, we will look at the manufacturer's responsibilities and how these may be addressed. We will also look at the scope, both what is included and what is specifically excluded. 

    Of course, we will also present the specific requirements.


    After Brexit, the UK has also developed an alternative to the CE marking – the UKCA mark, which is also relevant for manufacturers of connected products. 

    During the webinar, we will briefly introduce and update on the UKCA mark, both in general and some special updates for Radio Equipment, RoHS and Eco-design. 


    Webinar hosts

    Geir Horthe

    Geir Horthe - Head of Nemko cyber security department
    Geir Hørthe is responsible for the Nemko cyber security initiative. He has worked at Nemko for more than 30 years in the capacity of test services, lab manager of safety, ATEX and medical departments. He has also been Managing Director at the Nemko office in London for two years. After he returned to Norway, he held for many years the position of Certification Manager at Nemko HQ with responsibilities for electrical product certifications for national and international certification.



    Lars Hjerpseth  - Department Manager, International Certification Services
    Lars Hjerpseth is responsible for development for new country routes in the Nemko Direct programme,which offers clients worldwide market access for their products, within both the electrical-and telecom/radio product areas. The Nemko Direct team has delivered thousands of certificates since 1995. Lars has worked for Nemko for 35 years. He has had responsibilities in different fields in the organization both as project handler, laboratory manager, sales manager, certification manager and in working with project management. Lars also has expertise as laboratory and factory auditor.


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