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    March 31, 2022

    Argentina Implements New ENACOM Label Changes

    The Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM), the authority for granting radio telecommunications manufacturers access to the Argentinian market, published a new resolution in the Official Bulletin of Argentina in August of 2020, introducing a new label for telecommunications equipment approvals.

    After a two year transition period for the implementation of the new labeling requirements, this mandatory Resolution No. 854/2020 will officially go into effect this year, as of August 12, 2022.

    Important Changes to Note
    The main changes included in Resolution No. 854/2020 are:

    • The original labeling identifier will be changed from the CNC ID and logo to a new Registro de Actividades y Materiales de Telecomunicaciones (RAMATEL) registration number and seal logo.
    • This identification label with a standardized RAMATEL logo and registration number must be clearly affixed in a visible area on the approved telecommunications equipment.
    • Any telecommunication equipment that has been installed in a vehicle must include the RAMATEL logo and restoration number on any accompanying documentation for the vehicle.
    • ID numbers remain the same if the renewal application is submitted before the certificate expires.
    • E-labelling is an option as per the Resolution’s instructions.


    All radio and telecommunication equipment are required to adhere to this labeling scheme in order to enter the Argentinian market. Manufacturers who fail to adhere to these requirements will not be successful in submitting their products to market. Work with your local Nemko office to make sure your organization is ready for this upcoming change in August.

    How Nemko Can Help
    By choosing to partner with Nemko, your organization is given direct access to world-class, certified laboratories and their corresponding experts who can work with your team to get you ready for this new ENACOM labeling approval. Thanks to our recognized product certification and testing expertise, paired with our active involvement in developing the latest industry standards across the globe, Nemko is proud to offer its clients a global, single source solution that meets their ever-evolving needs.

    Michelle Furrow

    I am the International Approvals Specialist/Americas Regional Coordinator. In my role, I establish routes and relations in the assigned region for international approvals by documenting country procedures for customers that need regulatory approvals on their products. I also develop relations with certification...

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