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    March 1, 2022

    Argentina requiring in-country testing of wireless network equipment

    Argentina’s national telecom authorities ENACOM has published a new Resolution denoted ‘RESOL- 2022-2-APN-ENACOM#JGM’, which amongst other entails that from 23 February, wireless network (WWAN) devices must be tested within Argentina.

    In the past, foreign test reports (such as FCC, ANATEL etc.) were accepted by ENAC for certification of these types of products due to lacking relevant local testing capabilities.

    According to a previous Resolution (RESOL-2021-1248-APN-ENACOM#JGM), which was published on 27 August last year, when there are at least two local testing labs in Argentina having obtained necessary accreditation for testing wireless interfaces, the Technical regulation of Mobile Terminal (ENACOM-Q2-61.03) as published in 2017, will be effective after 180 days, which is now.


    So, hereafter, ENACOM will only accept test reports from such local laboratories as basis for their certification of wireless network equipment. For existing certificates which are still valid, there is no need for any updates, while for renewals as well as new applications it is now mandatory to submit local test reports.


    So far, there are three Argentine labs accredited to test 2G and 3G network equipment and two accredited for testing 4G equipment. Samples to be provided for testing must be according to the applicable technical standards.

    The resolution states which relevant ETSI standards are to be used for testing as well as which bands and the Maximum Conducted Power for each of
    the different technologies (GSM, PCS, UMTS and LTE),

    The abovementioned Resolutions can be found in full (in Spanish) at this link: Regulations - ENACOM


    For further information, please contact


    (Article is based on text provided by Vanessa Wen, edited by T.Sollie)




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