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    January 24, 2023

    Belarus Energy Efficiency Certification Shift to Voluntary Scheme

    As of January 1, 2023, the mandatory conformity assessment of energy efficiency, as stated in the National System of Conformity Assessment of the Republic of Belarus, will be suspended and become voluntary. Now all products imported or manufactured in the Belarus market must only comply with the requirements set by the Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulation (EAEU) and the Belarus national requirements for radio and telecommunication products. 

    This decision to move to a voluntary certification scheme was originally announced back in October of 2016 but is now officially in effect. However, it does not apply to products manufactured in the Republic of Belarus or imported into this territory before the deadline which the mandatory confirmation of conformity was in effect. It will be valid until a special decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus is announced in the future. 

    In the event of the renewal of mandatory energy efficiency requirements and the absence of valid certificates, there may be problems in the sale of products that have entered the market for importers and suppliers. As a rule, there are no transition periods for the renewal of suspended regulations. 

    In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, if the manufacturer or importer declared the conformity of the characteristics of the products supplied by them, making a reference to their individual requirements in the labeling, operational or other documentation, contracts, advertising, or stating this in another way (for example, in internet resources) - these requirements become mandatory for compliance. 

    Accordingly, products sold on the market of the Republic of Belarus either should not contain information or energy efficiency requirements in labeling, operational, or other documentation, contracts, advertising, or other sources of information - in this case, the requirements of the standards are not mandatory, otherwise compliance with the requirements of the standards on energy efficiency is a must.

    This decision will affect the following products manufactured and imported in Belarus after January 1, 2023:

    • External power supplies (excluding any with more than one output or with independent voltage conversion for each output)
    • Household refrigeration appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, or any combination of such
    • Electric overs (excluding portable ovens)
    • Electric hobs (excluding portable ones)
    • Air conditioning units with a rated power of up to 12 kW (excluding multi-split systems)
    • Dishwasher appliances
    • Washing machines
    • Non-directional lights such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lights, and LEDs
    • Household and office equipment such as coffee makers, printers, scanners, monitors, home theaters, etc.
    • Televisions
    • Microwaves

    Regarding new products planned for delivery to the Republic of Belarus or products that possess expired certificates, a voluntary scheme maintaining current valid certificates for mass-produced energy efficiency certification is an option. Voluntary certificates for mass-produced products will be issued for five years with subsequent periodic evaluation no earlier than two years later, in case of renewal of mandatory energy efficiency requirements, voluntary certificates will be valid.


    Kenny Ho

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