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    January 1, 2024

    Changes to Philippines' Energy Labeling Program



    The Philippines Dept. of Energy (DOE) has since July 2020 operated a national labeling system called PELP (Philippine Energy Labeling Program) for energy-consuming products based on their energy performance. It is based on Republic Act 11285 (=The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act) and aims to transform the market and encourage the shift in consumer behavior towards the use of energy efficient products and technologies by the information displayed in the labels at the points of sale.
    So far, about 120 companies and about 6500 products are registered in PELP. 

    On 13 December, DOE has announced several new draft regulations under this program. The drafts show stricter minimum energy performance. It concerns types of products already in the scope, including TV sets, Lighting equipment, Air conditioners and Refrigeration appliances, but also some additional product types as Display Monitors and Energy Saving Devices/Low Voltage Saving Devices.
    The drafts are presently on hearing until 24 January 2024. The official circular about enforcement will take effect 15 days after official publication.

    The test reports for the energy performance should be from laboratories meeting certain requirements and being subject to assessment and registration by the DOE.

    Until now, only two laboratories have been recognized by the DOE, both being in the Philippines.

    Nemko’s partner lab is in the process of necessary extension of the accreditation in order to be ready for testing according to the new requirements in 2024.

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    (The article is based on the information provided by Kenny Ho and edited by T. Sollie)

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