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    April 3, 2023

    Compulsory Chinese certification of Li-ion batteries & related product


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    The Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has now implemented mandatory
    certification requirement for Lithium-ion batteries, Battery Packs, Mobile Power supplies and Power adaptors/charges for telecommunication terminal products.


    Designated certification bodies can from 1 August this year accept applications based on the
    Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules for Information Technology Equipment and
    associated annex and carry out certification work according to the applicable standards listed in the “Implementation Rules for Product Certification of IT-equipment”.

    For these newly included products the list of designated certification bodies and laboratories will soon be

    Products of this kind which have not obtained CCC certification and are not marked accordingly within 1 August 2024 shall not leave the production site, be sold, imported or used in other business activities.

    The definition and scope description of the concerned products are detailed in the annex and includes the following product types (and given codes): Power supplies (0807 and 0907), Portable Power Supplies (0914), Lithium-ion cells and battery packs(0915).

    Regarding lithium-ion batteries and battery packs used in electronic and electrical products, at this stage, CCC
    certification is required for those used in portable electronic products.
    Regarding lithium-ion batteries and battery packs used in other types of electronic and electrical products,
    CCC certification will be required in due course, i.e. when the conditions are published.


    The relevant technical standard now is GB31241-2022 "Safety Technical Specifications for Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products". This standard, which was published on 29 December last year,
    replaced the former 2014-version and will be effective from 1 January 2024.

    SAMR expects that the designated certification bodies and laboratories, apart from providing a high-quality
    certification service, facilitate the process in a way to ease the burden on enterprises to obtain certification.

    SAMR’s announcement of these new certification requirements was published on16 March and is available at this link.

    For further information, please contact


    (Article is based on text provided by Vanessa Wen edited by T.Sollie)

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