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    March 29, 2022

    Do any of your products have IECEx or ATEX certification?

    In the compliance industry, hazardous locations certification requirements are finding their way to more products for potentially explosive atmospheres. We find products designed yesterday, need explosive atmosphere compliance today. Yesterday's designs may bring function and safety in that time period, but now may require possible design changes to mold the design into compliance.

    In order to use a product in a hazardous location, the manufacturers need to assure their customers and the market of the safety of their equipment and their relative compliance according to national and international regulations and directives. As long as a device is used for hazardous location(s), it is Ex equipment and requires mandatory HazLoc (Ex) certification - NOT product-specific or industry-specific. 

    HazLoc 1

    Ex equipment can be found in almost ALL the industries and commonly in:

    • Oil & Gas
    • Automotive
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Transportation
    • High-tech
    • Healthcare

    There are three (3) international certification systems in the world for HazLoc products:

    • North America: USA, Canada / Mandatory
    • ATEX: EU (27 countries), EFTA (4 countries), and Turkey / Mandatory
    • IECEx: 36 member states / Voluntary and widely recognized by the rest of the world.
      • Harmonized standards worldwide – IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60079 series.

    In addition to North America and the EU (ATEX), there are eighteen (18) countries that have built their MANDATORY national certification schemes for HazLoc products (with or without wireless) upon acceptance of IECEx (and/or ATEX) certification as the basis.

    HazLoc Wireless


    Nemko has a dedicated team with over 25 years of experience that can deliver global HazLoc /Wireless Certifications. Our large team of experienced ATEX and IECEx compliance engineers deliver a flexible and commercial approach to approvals, offering you a fast and cost-effective route into international markets, starting in the design phase of your new products. 

    Contact us to learn more!


    Spencer Zhong

    Spencer is the Department Manager of the newly created International Approval Services (IAS) team in Canada. The goal of the new team is to provide prompt localized support to the sales team and our clients based on our expertise on international approvals so as to grow the IA business.

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