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    June 27, 2023

    EU Ecodesign regulation updates & implementation dates announced

    As of May 9, 2025, EU manufacturers and importers of many domestic appliances and office equipment must adhere to new energy requirements to avoid consuming higher amounts of energy while in standby or off-mode. As more and more modern appliances and devices become connected to the internet while simultaneously consuming larger amounts of energy, the European Union has made some revisions to their current ecodesign requirements to decrease the elevated levels of electrical consumption and consequently reduce emissions. 

    Since 2009, EU ecodesign requirements mandated these devices to switch to a low-power mode such as standby after a certain amount of time. In 2013, it was directed that they must also not consume more than 0.5 Watts of energy when in standby or off-mode, or 1 Watt if they are on standby and displaying their status or information. From 2019, network equipment with HiNA functionality shall not exceed 8 Watts while non-HiNA type shall not exceed 2 Watts under network standby mode.

    Today, these regulations have been revised to include the following changes:
    • As of 2025, the off-mode requirement is 0.5 Watts max; and from 2027 this will be tightened to 0.3 Watts max
    • In 2025, the standby mode requirement is 0.5 Watts max in general, and 0.8 Watts max for standby with information/status display (except for household tumble drier with 1 Watt max)
    • In 2025, the network standby mode requirement (HiNA) is 8 Watts max, and from 2027 it shall be 7 Watts max.
    • Non-HiNA Network standby mode requirement will be 2 Watts max from 2025.
    • (HiNA means high network availability functionality)

    When implemented successfully, the EU expects to significantly reduce emissions by the year 2030. 
    See how Nemko can help

    With our expert team conveniently located across the EU, Nemko can help your organization to understand these updated ecodesign regulations and comply with all updated testing requirements. 

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