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    July 29, 2021

    Extension of the testing capacity in Italy

    On 1 July, Nemko acquired the IASELAB Srl laboratory in Ferrara, Italy. It is a laboratory for environmental, safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests for the industrial, scientific and medical sectors.

    There are 11 employees in the company. The acquisition gives Nemko a direct presence in Emilia Romagna, which is in the vibrant Bologna region. IASELAB will be owned by Nemko Italy, based in Biassono near Milan.

    “This acquisition helps us on our strategic growth journey in Italy, and I am very excited to welcome our new colleagues in Ferrara”, says Nemko’s CEO, Per Ove Øyberg

    The IASELAB laboratory expands Nemko's testing capabilities within the following areas:
    -Combined vibration/climatic testing:
    -Vibration and shock
    -IP grade
    -Solar radiation
    -EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
    -Electrical safety

    The acquisition complements the certification services already provided by Nemko Spa in Italy, and strengthens Nemko’s position in Italy, especially in the railway and maritime industries.

    We are excited to be able to increase our presence in Italy,” says Luigi Trezzi, Nemko Italy’s General Manager. “In particular, our new capabilities for environmental testing shall give us a competitive edge in the Italian market.”

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    Tom Tidwell

    Tom Tidwell is a NARTE certified EMC Laboratory Engineer with over 25 years of direct experience in Wireless, Telecommunications, EMC, and worldwide market access. His experience includes numerous wired and wireless protocols and technologies. He is responsible for Nemko’s telecom international approvals. Tom is...

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