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    April 1, 2022

    First smart phone with TCO 9.0 certification

    The Swedish body TCO Certified claims to be the world-leading sustainability certification body for IT products, having comprehensive criteria designed to drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle.

    Their scheme covers 11 product categories including computers, mobile devices, display products and data center products, which are independently verified for compliance, both pre- and post-certification. TCO Certified’s criteria are upgraded every third year. The latest upgrading TCO-9.0 was implemented in December 2021.

    Nemko Shenzhen is a TCO recognized lab and provides both product testing and verification of relevant documents. During the past years, Nemko Shenzhen has tested many displays and notebooks for certification and verification to different generations of TCO criteria. For the first time, one has now tested a smart mobile phone, the GT 2 pro series smart phones from Chinese smart phone brand Realme. This turned out to be the first mobile phone to obtain TCO 9.0 certification.

    The GT2 Pro is Realme’s first high-end flagship mobile phone and is claimed to be the world's first bio-based mobile phone.

    To obtain TCO 9.0 certification, the product must have unique features in terms of environmental sustainability. In addition to basic testing of safety, emission, visual ergonomics etc. and verification of hazardous substances being within the acceptable limits, it must meet requirements for various sustainability criteria, including circularity, and socially as well as environmentally responsible manufacturing.

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    (Article is based on the text provided by Amy Huang, edited by T.Sollie)




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