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    May 25, 2023

    Ghana's New Energy Regulations: What Manufacturers Need to Know

    As of November 2, 2023, all electrical appliance and renewable energy product manufacturers and importers to the Ghanaian market will need to adhere to 19 new regulations. These new sustainability regulations seek to promote effective use of and conserve energy in an effort to mitigate climate change as it relates to energy usage levels throughout the country. 

    This effort is related to Act 541, which was passed by Parliament to prevent appliances that do not meet the minimum energy-efficiency performance standard (MEPS) requirements from making it to market.   

    These new regulations will affect the following equipment: 
    ➔    Rice cookers
    ➔    Microwave ovens
    ➔    Electric kettles
    ➔    Refrigerators
    ➔    Washing machines
    ➔    Industrial fans
    ➔    Television sets
    ➔    Computer systems
    ➔    Ventilating fans
    ➔    Solar panels
    ➔    Set-top boxes
    ➔    Storage water heaters
    ➔    Renewable energy batteries
    ➔    Public lighting
    ➔    Improved biomass cookstoves
    ➔    Electric motors
    ➔    Air conditioners
    ➔    Distribution transformers
    ➔    Comfort fan inverters

    Ghanaian manufacturers and importers of these products must use an accredited laboratory to test and submit a test report with the attached label and relevant product information in order to register the product under the Energy Commission’s website. If the product is not properly labeled, labeled in a misleading manner, without the proper technical documentation included, or does not meet the MEPS requirements, it will fail to enter the market and is subject to a fine and other penalties. 

    How Nemko Can Help

    The consequences for failure to comply with this upcoming regulatory change will be substantial — preparation well in advance is crucial to successfully bringing your product to the Ghanaian market in the coming months and years. Work with Nemko’s ILAC accredited laboratories to perform the necessary tests that will ensure your organization has the proper documentation to successfully register with the Energy Commission by November. 

    Get started, today. 


    Kenny Ho

    Energy Manager, Energy & Environment Experienced Laboratory Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Management, Engineering, Team Management, and Project Management. Strong research professional with a Bachelor's degree...

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