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    November 3, 2023

    Ghana implements energy efficiency requirements


    Ghana Energy Commission

    The Ghana Energy Commission issued in January this year Public Notice PN054012023 with
    Enactment of new Regulations on Electrical Appliances and Renewable Energy Products, which announced 19 regulations concerning Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling.
    These Regulations are in force from 2 November this year to regulate the markets for
    electrical appliances and renewable energy products, such as washing machines, fans, air
    conditioners, water heaters, rice cookers, solar panels, inverters, computers, set-top boxes
    and TVs.

    The stated purpose is to:
    -Prevent Ghana from becoming a market for substandard and used appliances;
    -Reduce electricity demand and need for additional generation capacity with its associated fuel cost;
    -Protect the environment and the health of citizens from air pollution due to added power generation;
    -Protect consumers from unsuitable appliances and payment of unnecessarily high electricity bills.

    The requirements are largely equivalent to the energy efficiency requirements of the European
    ErP Directive for
    electrical/electronic equipment.


    The manufacturers exporting such equipment to Ghana, or the importer, must have valid test reports for the energy efficiency made by a laboratory accredited by an ILAC member body in order to register their products at the Ghana Energy Commission. A digital portal solution is under preparation, while for the time being, one may register by email but must submit the documentation in hard copy,

    The Commission’s Public Notice from January is available in full at
    this link.

    Further information may be seen here.

    For assistance in this regard, please contact


    (Article is based on the info provided by Kenny Ho and edited by T.Sollie)

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