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    June 1, 2022

    Hong Kong ready for enhanced wireless performance

    OFCA-logoThe Hong Kong Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) has announced release of Wi-Fi 6E specifications.

    Last autumn, the OFCA arranged a public hearing of a consultation paper entitled “Creation of a Class License for Regulating the Use of and Trade in 6 GHz Devices for Wireless Local Area Network and Variation to the Class License for Provision of Public Wireless Local Area Network Services”.A total of 14 submissions were received which were dealt with in a conclusive public Statement published at the end of April this year. The contents of this Statement can be seen at this link: ca_statement_6GHzDevices.pdf

    The finalized regulatory requirements are contained in the specification HKCA1081 "Performance Specification for Radiocommunications Apparatus operating in the 6 GHz Band for Wireless Local Area Network" which is now published. It is limited to devices operating in the 5.925 - 6.425 GHz frequency range, with maximum output power 24 dBm indoor and 14 dBm outdoor.


    The specification refers the European ETSI standard EN 303 687 (“6 GHz WAS/RLAN; Harmonized Standard for access to radio spectrum”).


    The OFCA will keep in view the development of EN 303 687 including, amongst other, the receiver blocking feature, and will revise HKCA1081 when necessary. OFCA has also made clear that, as long as 6 GHz devices meet the relevant requirements in EN 303 687, such devices are authorized for use under the WLAN Device Class License.

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    (Article is based on text provided by Vanessa Wen, edited by T.Sollie)




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