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    July 6, 2022

    IDT Solutions AS achieves competitive edge with Nemko’s N-mark

    When purchasing a service pole from IDT Solutions, customers can feel safe knowing that it complies to European standards. The reason for this is that it holds the Nemko N-mark – Nemko’s own certification mark.

    “We want to deliver quality and safety to our customers and having our service poles certified with Nemko’s N-mark is a visible confirmation to customers that the product is both safe and of high quality,” says Knut Bråstad, Key Account Manager for IDT Solutions. 

    IDT Solutions’ service poles are the only ones in Norway’s with the N-mark. The N-mark is a voluntary mark which has gained worldwide recognition as a sign of compliance with relevant European standards for electrical safety and EMC.

    “Having the products tested by an independent and recognized certifying body provides an important safety element to us and our customers,” says Knut. “It adds an additional quality mark to IDT’s products and systems and through this our customers.”

    Different from the CE-mark

    ce certification logoThe N-mark holds similarities to CE-marking, which is the mandatory marking for all of Europe, but with one important difference:

    “The N-mark confirms that the product has been tested and approved by a third-party, i.e., Nemko. This is different from the CE-mark, which only requires self-declaration by the manufacturer alone. So, when you buy a product that only has the CE-mark, you will need to trust that the manufacturer has taken the necessary responsibilities to ensure the product satisfies regulatory requirements,” says Grethe Spongsveen, Sales Coordinator for Nemko Scandinavia.

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    Factory inspections as part of the N-mark

    For companies with an N-mark certification, Nemko conducts factory inspections once a year to ensure the safety and quality of the end-product. During these inspections, the instruments are tested according to regulations. Nemko tests for correct calibration and ensures that the components used correspond the components listed in the test reports.

    “The factory inspections confirm that our systems and descriptions are up-to-date and that everything we do is in accordance with tests and regulations. When new regulations are introduced, an automatic re-testing occurs,” says Knut.

    Nemko N mark

    About the N-mark

    The N-mark has over the years gained international recognition as a proof of compliance with relevant safety and EMC standards. It was established in 1933 as a mandatory mark for electrical products marketed in Norway but after Norway joined the European Economic Area (EEA) and all national rules seized to apply, it became a voluntary scheme.

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    Nemko certified the first product for IDT Solutions in January 2006, and the product has since been re-certified whenever changes to standards or replacement of components has occurred. When IDT Solutions develops new products, these are also tested and approved by Nemko as a third-party, so customers can feel safe when using any of IDT’s products.

    About IDT Solutions

    IDT Solutions is the largest manufacturer in Norway of service poles for commercial buildings and the electrical installation industry. In addition, the innovation company at Toten delivers service poles to several European countries, including Univolt in England. IDT is also on the markets in Belgium, Finland and Sweden. 



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