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    June 15, 2023

    Navigating IEC 62368-1 Ed. 4: What Manufacturers Need to Know

    Are you a manufacturer or compliance professional looking to stay up-to-date on the latest standards? Then you'll want to know about the fourth edition of the hazard-based standard IEC 62368-1, published on 26 May 2023. Here's what you need to know:

    The Latest on IEC 62368-1 Ed. 4

    The fourth edition of IEC 62368-1 brings some significant changes compared to the third edition. Notably, clause 4.1.1 has been removed, which was the main reason why the previous version was not cited in the official journal of the European Union, in the EN IEC 62368-1 ed. 3. It is expected that the European version of the standard will be cited in the official journal.

    Major Changes in Edition 4

    The removal of clause 4.1.1 is a significant change in the new edition. This clause dealt with requirements for the evaluation of components and subassemblies. Other changes include updates to terminology, new requirements for battery-powered equipment, and more.

    The Impact of EN IEC

    Manufacturers looking to sell their products in the European market need to comply with EU regulations, in addition to the IEC standard requirements. The European version of the standard, known as EN IEC, is expected to be published later this year and will include the Common Modifications (deviations) for Europe and the Special National Conditions / National deviation for the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany.

    Developing the Test Report Template

    While waiting for the European version of the standard, the test report template for both IEC 62368-1 and EN IEC 62368-1 are being developed. These templates are expected to be made available for test laboratories at the same time the European version of the standard is published.

    What's Next for Manufacturers and Compliance Professionals

    Now that the IEC version is published, the next steps are the publication of the European version and the official test report template for the new edition, both expected to be available in the coming months. Compliance with these regulations is essential for manufacturers to sell their products in the European market.

    In summary, the publication of IEC 62368-1 Ed. 4 is a significant milestone for manufacturers and compliance professionals. Stay tuned for more updates on these developments!

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