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    April 3, 2023

    Increasing cyber security concern and initiatives


    Iot Cyber Security

    Last updated: August 2023

    - Overwhelming interest for webinar about European cyber security
    On 2 March, Nemko arranged a webinar concerning cyber security updates in Europe. 460 people registered for this event, of which 262 participated and presented 50 questions, clearly showing the strongly increasing concern for this issue amongst companies developing, producing and selling wireless products.
    One obvious reason is that from August 2024*, one needs for wireless products to document cyber security compliance in Europe as the basis for CE-marking and legal sales. There is a misconception in the market that companies may wait until 2024. The implementation date of August 2024 means that one must within that time be able to document compliance for all products, including the same models which were sold before that date. 

    *The date has been postponed by 12 months so the new implementation date is 1 August 2025. For more information, please click here. 

    The webinar served to get a better understanding of the most relevant cyber security standards, and the road map to follow for ensuring to have the necessary documentation in place before the implementation date.

    Recording of the webinar is available at this link.


    KTC Agreement- Agreement on cyber security testing in Korea
    On 3 March, Nemko signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Korean Testing & Certification Institute (KTC).
    KTC has provided testing and certification services to various industries in Korea for over 50 years and is, amongst other, a licensed testing laboratory for testing of cyber security according to the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (referred to as Common Criteria or CC) based on the international standard ISO/IEC 15408 for computer security certification.
    The Common Criteria defines a common framework for evaluating security features and capabilities of Information Technology products against functional and assurance requirements. Once completed, it provides assurance to
    buyers that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation for any certified computer security
    solution was conducted in a thorough and standard manner.
    In this cooperation, Nemko and KTC will particularly focus on cybersecurity testing of IoT products based primarily on the international standard ETSI 303 645, and on industrial cyber security primarily according to the international
    standard IEC 62443.

    For further info and/or assistance with cyber security certification, please contact Geir

    (Article is based on text provided by various Nemko team, edited by T.Sollie)

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