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    September 1, 2023

    Lecturing for Chinese display manufacturers


    China lenovoGlobal brand owners are continually concerned about keeping up with regulatory compliance requirements worldwide. As such, the major Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo, which is since 2021 the world's largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, organizes every year regulatory training for all their OEM suppliers.  

    This year, the training for all their display suppliers was held at Lenovo research center in Shenzhen on 9-10 August. More than 20 representatives from various display suppliers took part in the training.
    Nemko China had the honor of lecturing both in the section about environmental/energy and the section about cyber security. The following topics were covered in the lectures
    1.  Preview of proposed updates in the coming TCO 10.0.
    2.  Latest update on European and global energy efficiency requirements. 
    3.  Cyber security compliance in the European RED and EU Cyber Resilient Act.
    The presentations were made by senior Nemko experts in the respective fields

    When serving global brand owners, it is vital to keep close track of regulatory updates and have the comprehensive knowledge to share. According to feed-back, both the Lenovo staff and all the participating display suppliers, the lectures given by the Nemko experts were highly appreciated and seen as useful for the continuing cooperation with Nemko on international approvals and global market access.

    For further information and/or assistance by Nemko China, please contact

     (The article is based on the information provided by Amy Huang and edited by T.Sollie)

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