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    May 1, 2024

    News from India


    News from India


    The Telecommunication Engineering Centre Department of Telecommunications (TEC) under the Indian Ministry of Communications & IT has announced that the mandatory scheme for testing and certification of telecom equipment (MTCTE) has been postponed from 1 April to 1 August this year for 10 types of products under Phase III and IV.


    Amongst these products are:
         •    LAN Switches
         •    Routers
         •    IP Security Equipment
         •    Satellite Communication Equipment 
         •    Base Stations for cellular network
         •    SIM cards
         •    VHF UHF Radio System Equipment

    TEC has also announced that for the last four of these product types, test reports are accepted from laboratories in ‘non-border sharing countries’ which are accredited by accreditation body being member of ILAC.

    The TEC announcement is by a Notification dated 2024-04-01 posted on the MTCTE Portal .



    ISI MarkStandard Mark becomes mandatory for some types of electrical equipment

    The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under the Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MCI) has announced that the following types of equipment are added to the scope of the BIS Scheme-1 for use of the mandatory Standard Mark (ISI) :

    Electrical Appliances for Kitchen: Toasters, grills, roasters and similar appliances;
    (Per the Indian standard
    IS 302 Part 2/Sec 9 (2009), which is based on the international IEC 60335-2-9 (2008))

    Electrical Appliances for Kitchen: range hoods;
    (Per the Indian standard
    IS 302 Part 2/Sec 31 (2009), which is based on the international IEC 60335-2-31 (2006))

    Electrical Appliances for Skin and Hair care.
    (Per the Indian standard
    IS 302 Part 2/Sec 23 (2009), which is based on the international IEC 60335-2-23 (2005))

    Foreign manufacturers must obtain license from BIS in order to use the ISI standard mark. The process is according to the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS). This scheme has been in place since year 2000 based on BIS Act, 2016 and Rules & Regulations.

    License for use of the Standard Mark is granted to foreign manufacturers for products that conform with relevant Indian Standards. The scheme is applicable for all products except Electronics & IT Goods notified by MeitY.

    For further information please contact

    (The article is based on the info provided by Vanessa Wen and edited by T.Sollie)

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