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    June 1, 2022

    Mexico news

    - Changed conformity assessment procedure for telecom equipment

    IFTThe Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has announced that their conformity assessment procedure for telecom and broadcasting equipment has been modified. The procedure is now somewhat simplified, which will help to reduce costs and time for getting the Certificate of Conformity for importers/distributors.  

    Other importers are now allowed to be added to the certificate by the main certificate holder. IFT no longer requires test reports to be sent to them, but reserve the right to request reports if/when considered needed. At the same time, the validity of test reports is changed from 60 days to 120 days. This is for maintaining confidence and avoid that test reports loose validity during the certification process.

    There are also simplifications regarding the number of samples required for their different certification Schemes 1-4 b.
    The modified procedure becomes effective from 25 June this year and may be seen fully here
     (in Spanish).

    - New standard for LED lamps

    The Mexican Secretariat of EconomicsThe Mexican Secretariat of Economics (SE) introduces a new Mexican standard (NMX-I-J-324-NYCE-ANCE-2022) for self-ballasted LED lamps used for general lighting. The standard includes safety requirements and relevant test methods for such LED lamps with effects up to 150 W and rated voltage between 50 V and 277 V.

    The new standard is based on the international standard IEC 62560 but has certain national differences regarding both structure and procedure. The standard shall be effective from 13 September this year. 

    - Status of the Nemko NOM Marks

    NOMCertification Program services for Mexico are currently being offered by Nemko from the North America HQ in San Diego, California. This office is authorized as Certification Body by the Mexican authorities to certify electrical/electronic products for Mexican market access and to grant use of certification marks according to official Mexican Standards within Nemko’s authorized scope.
    Once the Certification Body has certified a product and authorized use of a mark, the manufacturer will be able to apply the certification mark shown above.

    For more information or/and application for Mexican certification, please

    (Article is based on different sources, edited by T.Sollie)



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